Customize Learner Portal Theme

Theme the Learner Portal to Match Their Branding!

You can customize the Learner Portal look and feel, on a per-learner basis, simply by adding some custom fields, and entering theme information for the individual.

Use cases:

  • I Need to Create a Demo to show off this micro-learning program, and need to match the look and feel to their corporate branding, and include their logo.

  • I have a sales team who work under a different corporate umbrella, and their portal should reflect their branding.

  • I need this for a sales demonstration for a specific client - and I would like to incorporate their branding into the program.

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What you need to do:

1) If the logo is hosted on a website or public server - you just need to copy the URL link for that logo image. You will use that in the Portal Logo field.

2) Determine the primary branding color as expressed as a Hexidecimal number. The color should match your branding specifications.

Hex is a 6-digit, 24 bit, hexidecimal number that represents Red, Green, and Blue. An example of a Hex color representation is #123456, 12 is Red, 34 is Green, and 56 is Blue. There are 16 million possible colors.

You will use this 'hex' color in the Portal Color field.

3) Decide if you want to use the light or dark theme. Be sure your selection provides enough contrast for both the logo image and the primary "hex" color you selected. If your primary color is light and/or saturated, then the dark theme would work well. But if your primary color is dark - then the light theme should be selected.

4) Add Portal_Logo, Portal_Theme and Portal_Color as custom fields to your contacts fields in Settings. Learn how to add custom fields in ConveYour >>

Please reach out to us if you want advice or clarification on how to create these fields.

Customize Your Portal Theme for the Platform, vs. On a Per-Learner Basis

See demo below:

Can I customize the portal for a group of contacts?

Yes! The quickest way is to update contact information for a group. Did you know you can create a group, and export the contact information - for that group only?

If you have already added the custom fields, then you can upload a CSV list of contacts with those fields specified.

Go to Groups. For your group's context menu - click the Group's context drop-menu and select 'Export Contacts':

The various options relating to ConveYour groups.Export the group's contacts as a .csv file.

  • Open the exported .csv file as a spreadsheet.

  • Create 3 new columns which will translate into the fields: Portal Logo, Portal Theme, Portal Color

  • enter the logo URL into the 'portal logo' column fields,

  • the hex number into the 'portal color' column fields,

  • and type "light" or "dark" into the 'portal theme' column fields.

  • Save your.csv

  • Upload the .csv contact list back into ConveYour - and every contact from this group will update with these new preferences in their respective field, while not disrupting any of their previous contact data.

Check Your Work

Go back into an individual's (from that group) contact details, and notice that their data has been updated:

The portal customizations options in Conveyour - Portal logo, color, and theme.Learn more: