Uploading or Importing Your List

You can import a list of contacts to work with, or add people individually.

Adding One Contact

Adding contacts individually is easy, simply go to Contacts and click New Contact from the top menu bar.

Enter their First Name, Last Name Mobile Number and Email, then click CREATE from the top menu bar.
Create Contact menu in ConveYour.Add Contact Information - click CREATE

Click Show More Fields to display additional contact information. Click to add information in fields that may be pertinent to your business.

We offer a ConveYour mini-course on the information that follows. If you would like to take the minicourse on working with contacts Sign Up Here >>

Adding More Than One Contact


But first... it's helpful to prep your data!

STEP TWO: Prepping Your Data

You will need to export contacts to a .CSV (or “comma separated values”) file. The exporting process is different for all email clients. Links are provided in this help section below with some of the more popular email clients - on how to export contacts as a .CSV spreadsheet.

NOTE: Making a copy of your original spreadsheet of data and modifying the copy instead of the original will ensure you aren't eliminating any information you might need later for those contacts.

Look at your data. You should, at the very least, have NAME, and EMAIL columns. If you have cell phone, instead of "mobile" in the field - not a problem, ConveYour logic should be able to recognize these standard fields. If not - you will be able to map them to the proper fields on upload.

ConveYour offers standard fields: - first name - last name - email - mobile

NOTE: You will want to separate first name and last name. If your data exported as one column for name - this will hinder your ability to personalize messaging using placeholders. Most spreadsheet programs offer the ability to separate a column of data into two columns.

It's helpful to delete columns from your data that may not be useful to the work you plan to do in ConveYour. (For example, if the physical mailing address columns are not important for my email or text messaging campaigns, you would eliminate those columns.)

NOTE: Some columns you will want to keep that could be differentiating factors for grouping your contacts, and you will need to add custom fields to accept this incoming data.

STEP THREE: Importing Your Contacts

Importing your contacts into ConveYour is super easy and fast. You just need to match your data to ConveYour fields.

The top menu bar in CONTACTS includes the "IMPORT CONTACTS" button. Click here to begin the process of uploading your .CSV file exported from your email database or CRM.

Where Do Contacts Go Once I Import Them?

When you upload your contacts, they join your broad list of contact in your ConveYour platform. Additionally, they are automatically tagged with today's date, and added to a group. Remember that the group does not separate them from your larger list of contacts, it just makes it easier to look at this specific group of people. It's like putting them into a category.

To access the group after import, simply click on the blue button with today's date that appears below your import stats:

click on the import blue button to be taken directly to this new group!

When you click on that button you are taken to the group configuration panel. Note that each individual in the latest import was tagged with the "import_today'sdate" tag.

You can rename the group - and save it. Now you can message this group from the group's menu, apply an automation to this group to add them to a course/campaign and more!

Learn more about working with groups here >>

Learn more about using an automation to add this group to a course/campaign >>

Big imports? No problem!

Our import tool has handled single imports of 3+ million records!

Worried about duplicates?

We "automagically" merge records with the same email address. So if you import from one data source then import from another, we can match up the records. $Mobile is also a unique field in ConveYour that can be used to merge records.

Also, if you have a special field that uniquely identifies your contacts somehow let us know! We can turn that field into a "key" that can help make merging data easier in the future.

Helpful articles for various CRM's as of 9/10/2021:

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Removing Contacts from a course/Campaign Using an Automation

Adding Additional Fields

Do you have all the Contact Data Fields required for a smooth import? If not, you should consider adding custom fields to your ConveYour platform.

Look at the columns that are in your spreadsheet, and identify fields that are specific to your company data. What differentiates this group of contacts? How might you like to sort them for specific messaging? For example, if "office location" is important for sorting your contact information, you will want to add office location as a custom field. Custom Fields are created in ConveYour Settings.

Settings > Fields > Contact Info
The Fields menu in ConveYour.

Add a field for each column of your spreadsheet that you do not see in ConveYour such as role, location, or regional office, that is necessary for your contact sorting. This helps ConveYour match what's in your spreadsheet to what you plan to upload.

Learn More About Creating Custom Fields >>