Automatic Group Creation on Upload

When uploading your contacts from a CSV into ConveYour, the system automatically creates a group for you. This helps you to track the current group more easily, and allows you to name and save this group right away so that you can message them, or add them to a course/campaign.

How it Works

If you haven’t yet discovered how to upload your contacts, check out the Importing/Uploading Contacts to Conveyour help document.

While ConveYour is uploading your contacts into the system, it automatically creates the group, and by default, names the group related to today’s date (i.e. import_05_06_22). They also carry a tag in their list of contact fields with that same name. If you look at the contact tags for each member of this group - you will see that they have this as a tag in their profiles.

Once the group has completed the upload, you can simply click on the blue button that is visible below the uploaded stats and Success message:

What do I do with this group?

When you click on the blue button with today’s date indicated, ConveYour puts you into the group’s settings. Here you can name the group, and review the listed names of contacts to ensure the group of people matches your expectations of the latest upload. During this process, it’s a great time to notice if anyone is missing from the upload, or if there is a problem with the email or other information related to each contact.

Now you can apply an automation to this group to: