Track process, sales lead status, recruitment process, and more for your contacts using ConveYour Contact Boards!

Contact boards are used like other familiar Kanban board systems, that project management systems use that you may be familiar with such as Trello or Asana.

Some ideas for how contact boards can be used in ConveYour include:

  • Mass update contacts status in a pipeline

  • Organize reps based on a specific field such as hiring status, onboarding status, etc.

How do I start using boards?

Contact boards are based off of a "custom field" you create in settings. In settings, you will add a field related to the process/phase you need to track.

ConveYour Fields.Decide who needs to see the information, and who can edit the information. Admins may have editing capabilities, while guests may have view-only permissions.

Then you add the "drop-down values" that correspond to each step or phase in your process. The custom field settings are shown below:

Editing a Once your custom field settings are completed, you can now go back to Contacts > Boards to select this custom field on the left side panel in boards under "view by":

Filtering contacts by Limit the scope of who is included in this group further on this board by selecting a group:

Filtering a view of contacts by Now, you can drag and drop a contact card or multiple contact cards to their new status in the process.

Animated gift of quickly moving contacts around ConveYour Contact Boards.Click on contact cards to view their contact profile information, add notes, assign tasks and add tags as needed.

Viewing a contact's info in ConveYour.

Can I dynamically update or automate status updates for my reps?

Yes - you can update the status by using the "Update a Contact Profile" lesson item within a Campaign or Onboarding course.

You can add this lesson as a final "hidden" step within an onboarding course, or you can make it dependent on the completion of a specific question for the final onboarding lesson.

The lesson item you need to use is Update Learner Profile

Updating a contact's profile in ConveYour.Update learner profile where Field Name is Status, and Field Value is Onboarded

Ensure that in Settings, you have a custom Field Type called "Status" . For that field type, you need to also ensure that you have a drop-down list of status values (i.e. New Hire, Signed, Paperwork Complete, Onboarded etc.) When you type in your Field Value while setting up this lesson item, it must be and exact match to your status value, and remember it it case sensitive.

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