Tasks Assigned to Contacts

ConveYour has a light-weight task management system to help you and your team be super productive.

  • Assign team members to tasks

  • Set due dates

  • Search and filter by due date or assignee

Get Started

  • Open a contact's profile

  • Click on "tasks" from the contact's profile by clicking on the checkmark icon

  • start creating some tasks!

ConveYour Contact Tasks.

Task Settings

Once you have created a task, click on the task context menu. From the dropdown you can...

  • Set a due date for the task

  • Assign the task to your teammates (other users)

  • Remove the task

ConveYour Contact Tasks,

Assign to Users

Select a contact (user) or several from your list for whom this task applies. "User" refers to a person on your team - from your overall list of "contacts". You can assign this task to more than one "user".

Set a Due Date

Set the due date...

Setting a due date for ConveYour tasks.and see the avatar of the person, or persons assigned to the task along with the due date:

Example of ConveYour Tasks.when more than one contact is assigned:

ConveYour Task where multiple Contacts are assigned.

Task Reminders

Email reminders will be sent to all users assigned to a task about 15 minutes before it is due.

Reviewing Tasks

You can review tasks across all contacts and collaborators. From Contacts > select Tasks.

Full Completed tasks are "crossed out" so you know they are done!

Show/Hide tasks by clicking on the ^ next to your team member's name.

Additional Information