Add a Single Contact

Sometimes you just need to add one contact to your growing database in ConveYour.

I'll show you how to add a contact, which also comes in handy if you have any latecomers you need to add to a course, or you simply just met someone who shared their contact information with you and you would like to start a conversation.

The top 4 pieces of contact information or "field" you need to add - and what we would suggest as the minimum - are:

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Mobile device number

  • Email

Each "field" corresponds with data types you might already have in your contact management system.

To view more available fields in ConveYour click Show More Fields:Editing Contact information in ConveYour.To view more available system fields click "show more fields"

If there is a field (or type of information) missing from what ConveYour offers, you can add custom fields in order to help you organize your contacts.

Learn more about adding custom fields here >>

"Alerts" is a little bit of a different type of field. It's more of a preference, really. You can select SMS or EMAIL - and this can be particularly helpful if you know someone only wants to be contacted via text or email. "Alerts" are sent to contacts when they have a new message from the system. If you don't have their mobile number, simply select EMAIL as the preference. Some companies may only allow contact via email - and may protect individual mobile numbers. Set alerts accordingly!

When done adding the contact information into the fields you would like to include - click "Create" at the top right to save this contact.

Working With Contacts

From the Master List of contacts, if you click on a contact name, you can view their contact details page.

From the contacts details page you can:

  • add notes on this contact (notepad icon)

  • create a task for this contact (checkmark icon)

  • message via email or text (from context menu)

  • review all conversations with this contact (context menu)

  • view their homepage (if website was supplied)

  • view contact's portal (from context menu)

  • block incoming messages (if you no longer wish to hear from them, but keep their info. in the master list)

  • delete the contact (this removes the contact from the master list!)

Viewing Contact information in ConveYour.Contact details and actions

Activity Feed

In addition, you can view the contact's activity feed. The activity feed shows when contacts have interacted with you or a campaign in some way. (Such as joined campaign, answered question, recorded stats etc.) Scroll through the contact's activity feed and toggle activity details by clicking on the arrow next to the listed activity:

Contact Activity Feed in ConveYour.Contact activity feed

What's up with the field "Tags"?

Tags are a device that you can use to categorize or sort your contacts. Tags are usually short, one-word descriptors, but can be more than one word, and need to be separated using a dash or an underscore. Real-world scenarios include:

- Hire Date - using simple numbers e.g. 052222 or using the month-year e.g. may2022

- Sales funnel stages e.g. cold, warm, nurture, contacted, received-brochure (etc.)

- Event based e.g. Atlanta-AIGA, or SanDiego-IMBA (etc.)

- Location based e.g. New-Haven, Denver, (etc.)

Why would I use Tags?

Tags are used to create groups of contacts who share the same tag. You can then create a group to message just those contacts who share this tag, or add them to a course/campaign.

Or, include a tag for your new contact you are adding to the system to pre-sort them into an existing group.

Use tags to pre-sort your new contacts as they come in using Tag Groups >>

Viewing and Editing Tags

To help you sort your contacts further, you have the ability to "Tag" them. Tags are just sorting words you can apply to the contact's profile, and can be used to add them to a group. Groups help you organize your contacts from the master list into smaller segments.

Click View / Edit Tags to see which tags have been applied to this contact:

Editing a Custom Field in ConveYour.Tags applied to contact

Tags can be used to create groups of contacts. Type in the search field to search for an existing tag you have used before, or, if it's a new tag, type it in, click ADD and then hit SAVE in the lower right of the Edit Tag field dialogue box.

Learn more about Groups here >>

Add Single Contact to a Campaign

From your campaign menu - click Contacts.

Click "Add Contacts Manually" (see contacts screenshot below)

In the Add contacts dialogue box begin typing the contact name in the search field. Then click on that contacts name. It will show as 1 contact selected. Then click Add 1 on the bottom right. (note you can add more than one contact at a time using this method).

Adding existing Contacts in a ConveYour Campaign.Add single contact to campaign

Remove a Single Contact from a Course/Campaign

To remove a contact from a course/campaign, again go to your campaign menu > contacts. Use the search field to search for the specific contact in the course/campaign. Then simply use the contact's context menu. Select the last item in the list REMOVE to remove the contact from the campaign, while keeping them in the master list.

Adding Contacts to a Campaign through the Campaigns menu in ConveYour.Contact context menu in a campaign

Notice that you can also view activities from this menu as well.

- Show Progress (view course progress)

- View Profile (takes you to contact details page)

- View Portal (view contact's portal - what their course interface looks like to them)

- Reset Progress (start the campaign from the beginning for the contact)

- Remove (remove from course/campaign, but not the master list)

Delete Contact from System (master list)

Remember that the Delete button is located in the context menu from the contact details page. It is the last choice in the contact's menu. Use with caution! This action will delete the contact from the master list and all campaigns/courses in which they are participating. See above for removing a contact from a campaign, but not the master list.

Viewing Contact information in ConveYour.DELETE removes contact from the system entirely

What if I need to create a new data field?

If you are scrolling through your list of fields and you notice that an important data type, or piece of information, that you commonly use to sort your contacts by is MISSING, (such as team name, division, region, or any other specific data that's important to differentiate each contact by) - then you will need to create this field in settings so that it's available to you. We offer specific help documentation on creating custom fields in the settings topics.

Learn more about adding custom fields here >>

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