Settings Overview

Settings in ConveYour allow preferences for Data Fields, frequently used Snippets of text, Integrations with other programs, managing sender email addresses, learner portal themes and more.

In Settings you can:

  • Profile - update your picture profile information and messaging preferences

  • Users - add new users and set their role

  • Fields - view all and add new/custom contact data fields

  • Snippets - for reusable text

  • Integrations - other software and programs that integrate well with ConveYour

  • Links - custom links for dynamic links to pass information like coupons or user data

  • Email Templates - store frequently used, formatted emails

  • Email Addresses - set up and associate a custom email address here

  • Other Settings - organization information and some basic user-portal visual preferences are set here

Learn more about setting up your ConveYour texting # here.

You may also change your password here, and the email you would like to associate with your ConveYour account. This is the same email where you will receive alerts and messages from the system.

Update personal information, and personal mobile number here as well. The mobile number set here is NOT your ConveYour texting number. That texting number is displayed at the top of the settings page. (see above)

Select your timezone and view your role here. At the time of this writing the roles are Owner / Admin / Guest. Learn more about roles and adding new users here.

Set messaging preferences here!

The primary element you will want to change and update as you adjust to the ConveYour system is messaging. Do you need to be informed of all emails coming in? Do you want to allow the system to send you push notifications from campaigns? Be sure to have push notifications enabled if you want to be able to participate in and test course content within campaigns. Do you want to be notified when any/all incoming messages arrive? If so, ensure that "Notify when incoming messages arrive" is selected. If you are not handing all incoming messages, or do not need to be aware of all messages, then uncheck that box. You will want to select someone in your organization who does receive all messages - in order to be aware of new contacts messaging your team, or when someone asks a question. Designate someone to be able to respond - or at least inform the necessary team member that they should respond.

Setting email notifications in ConveYour.{{anchor:users}}


All admins, guests, and platform owners are listed under "Users". Go here to update permission settings for your team members, update their information, image/avatar, role, and notifications.

For example, one admin may want to go in and remove push notifications so they aren't getting pinged by information they don't need about participants or learners on your account: They can limit their notifications to only incoming message meant specifically for them.

Managing email notifications and permission in ConveYour.Admin settings for no notifications, other than emails addressed to them.

Another Admin may be answering conversations and emails on the owner's behalf. In that case, they will want to turn on all notifications:

Settings for the admin role in ConveYour.Admin receives all notifications


Updating Permissions

Owners and Admins can update permission settings for guest users. Owners can update permissions for Admins.

By default Guest Users can not update campaigns or automations.

An admin and owner can click on the name or card of the guest user to view their profile, and then scroll down to click Update Permissions:

Last login info for a ConveYour contact.Guest user card

Updating user permissions in ConveYour.Update permissions

Learn More About Assigning Permissions Here >>



Fields refer to the types of data you collect about your contacts in your ConveYour database. Have different types of data that are significant to your business? Create custom fields here! For example, region, office, department, sales process status, and more could be salient information - critical to your contact database.

Custom Contact fields in ConveYour.In addition, customize editing permissions for your custom fields, as well as which fields display when you access your contact list. Clicking on the "settings" icon for your field brings up a dialogue box offering display and editing options for that particular field.
You can even create a custom drop-down menu for fields that will have the same data points every time, so the user can easily select from a list.

Learn more about custom fields here >>

Editing a Customer Field in ConveYour Contacts.Field options allows you to set who can edit, and whether or not guest users can view. Dropdown menus may also be created here.



Snippets are frequently used pieces of text, that you may want to re-use in text messages or emails to employees or prospects. Reusable snippets can be used in email blasts, when you find that you have bits of the same information to offer similar groups of people.

Learn more about snippets here >>



ConveYour offers integrations with popular applications including Zapier, Stripe and Unbounce. Applications like Stripe, for example, require you to enter your Stripe account information in order to integrate payment options with ConveYour. Please reach out to us if you have specific questions about integrating your accounts with these applications in ConveYour.

Learn more here >>



The quick links are used to make dynamic links to pass information from our database for a contacts's profile into a linked application. Use quick links to access your customer or company information in other tools, directly from the Portal. To learn how links could be used to enhance your understanding of your audience, please reach out to us!


Email Templates

Design and build an email template using the WYSIWYG email template builder. Design and create a structure to keep in touch with a group of contacts. Add a header image, adjust color and type styles, and pull in standard social media icons to customize your email template.

Editing Landing Page template content in ConveYour.{{anchor:custom_email}}

Email Addresses

Manage "sender" email addresses for your messaging here. Custom email addresses can help with deliverability of your messages by ensuring the email is coming from your recognizable email address as opposed to the standard ConveYour platform email address. To do this you will need go verify your email, and adjust some of your settings at your domain host.

Learn about adding custom email addresses here >>


Other Settings

At the time of this document writing, "other settings" only includes Business Information, and Learner Portal Design and Branding options.

The Portal Design is set across all campaigns on your platform.

Choose the light or dark theme here, as well as set a highlight color for display in the learner portal. (The highlight color is often the hexadecimal #000000 equivalent color of one your own logo colors.)

Add a portal logo, and a portal icon.

If you require a separate branding and portal style on an individual basis, or specific to a group Learn More Here >>

To learn how to customize the learner portal further - please reach out to us.