Custom Sender Addresses

Before you can use custom email addresses in the From or Reply-To fields of an email, you must verify they exist and that you control them.

You can add and manage your sender "from" email addresses within settings.

Creating a Sender Address

  • Select settings from the main menu menu
  • From settings click "Email Addresses"

Sender Addresses Menu

  • Add your Sender address

  • In the pop-up, add The name you would like to use, this can be a business, or personal name.

adding email

  • Verify ownership of your email address by clicking the link within the verification email.


You may also need to add Sender Policy Framework (SPF) and DKIM records. Depending on where you registered the domain name, you may need to setup the DKIM and/or SPF records. For example, if you registered with GoDaddy you would have a few specific steps to take with them in order to get these records added and verified.

SPF and DKIM records

Please don't hesitate to reach out to us to assist you in getting these records added and verified with your Domain Services Provider.

  • Once this is set you can improve deliver-ability and stay out of the spam folder by setting up Sender Policy Framework Or SPF for short by following the In-App instructions

Using Sender Addressess

You can now select the verified sender email address you want to use when sending emails. This will improve deliverability, and reduce SPAM.

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