Changing Your Password

Changing Your Password, (or updating it if you forgot it!)

Forgot Password

If you forgot your password, you can simply visit your ConveYour domain login page, and reset it from there. If you are not already at your domain login page, navigate to that page:

When presented with the login screen click on "Forget Password", and be sure your email was entered correctly. The email is associated with your account.


You will be sent an email to invite you to reset it. Be sure to check your SPAM folder, or PROMOTIONS in some cases. Your email provider may not yet recognize ConveYour as a "whitelisted" or "approved" contact.

From email, you can click on the link to reset your password. Provide your domain, email and new desired password when prompted.

But, what if you are logged in, and decide to update your password and profile?

Simply go to your profile to update the password settings:

In-App Password Updates

From the top/main menu click on your avatar

Your "avatar" we refer to is the profile picture you have set in your profile. Clicking here will take you directly to profile settings.


Be sure the users tab is selected. By default, if you have clicked on your avatar - you will be taken directly into your profile settings under users.

Click back to "Users" by clicking anywhere in the users area. This will pull you out of profile settings. Under your profile, select Change Password, and follow the on-screen prompts.

From Settings > Users

Main menu > More > Settings > Users


In users, find your profile and select, change password:


Under your profile, select Change Password, and follow the on-screen prompts.

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