Introduction to Snippets

What are they?

Snippets are resusable chunks of HTML and plain text content. Snippets are a great way to...

  • Create saved replies to common questions that your contacts send into ConveYour via SMS or email.
  • Make responding to a ton of incoming text messages really easy.
  • Separate the authoring of your content from the delivery of it.
  • Divide up the work load of writing email copy between multiple users.
  • Create email signatures and footers.
  • Create reusable buttons and calls to action.
  • Save formatted images that can be plopped into any email or content post

Where do I go?

From the top level menu click on Snippets

Choose Snippets from top menu

Snippet Folders

ConveYour gives you a way to organize your snippets into folders. You might want to organize your snippets by their uses like....

  • email signatures
  • footers
  • FAQ replies
  • reusable copy
  • widgets

Create Snippet Folder

Editing and Removing Folders

You can edit the name of your folders as well as delete a folder. If you delete a folder you will delete the snippets contained in the folder too!

edit and delete folder

Creating Snippets

Creating snippets is easy. See the image below.

  • Click the + button in the snippets folder header
  • Give your snippet a name that you will remember
  • Author your content in HTML, plain text or both!
  • Create a shortcut for your content.
  • Preview or send a text email if you want
  • Save the snippet

Creating Snippets

HTML vs Plain Text

The HTML/rich content version you author can be used later in just about any place ConveYour lets you enter rich text like in emails, courses, and challenges.

From the HTML content toolbar, click "+ snippets" to select an existing snippet's content to supplement your new snippet's content!

The plan text version you author can be used very quickly when sending text messages to both individuals and groups.

Text Shortcuts!

SMS Text shortcuts like slack

Enter a shortcut keyword in your snippet's record. These shortcuts can be quickly injected into your SMS messages. They are great for quick replies to incoming messages or for sending a handful of people the same message really quickly.

Example... Let's say you often get asked for a quick breakdown on your product subscription levels..

You could enter in the Text Content box.

Our subscription levels are....

  • Basic $9
  • Growth $29
  • Premier $99

Then in the short cut box enter levels.

Now when sending a text message simply type /levels and press tab! Your text content will be injected into your SMS message body.

Managing Snippets

Managing snippets is a breeze too. See the image below.

  1. Collapse a folder
  2. Preview the template
  3. Edit the template
  4. Remove the template

managing templates

Using Rich HTML Snippets

When composing an email, just click the "Snippets" button within the toolbar.

Snippets in the toolbar

Then just search for the snippet you want to use and click select..

Snippets Menu

Build Up Content

Ok, so have you picked up on the coolest aspect about snippets?

You can combine snippets to make bigger snippets!

So while snippets might sound like a small word. They are your basis for building out robust emails.

Think about other email tools you use? How often are you having to completely copy an old email, then make a whole ton of adjustments? Snippets gives you a much more nimble way of authoring your messaging. Don't you think?

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