Adding New Users

This documentation is all about adding internal resources, employees, admins and others who will be contributing to the building and maintenance of your campaigns.

Step 1

From the main menu, from ...More > select Settings

Main Menu

Step 2

Select users tab from settings menu.

users tab in settings

Note: You can also access your user settings by simply clicking on your "avatar" image in the top left of the main menu.

click avatar

Step 3

Add a User.

On the left side above your user list Click "Add a user"

Add user

Step 4

Invite User, by entering the new user's information.

add User form

Step 4

Set the user role to either guest or admin.

Admins will have full access to the entire system, your campaigns, and conversations. They can create campaigns, groups, metrics, and they can be assigned as an owner of a campaign. They also have the ability to add/delete contacts. A use-case for an "admin" user would be someone from your team in tech support who is helping you to build campaigns, and manage your contacts and conversations.

Guest users can be limited to seeing only certain groups of contacts. Guest users can edit/view contact data that admins have given them access to. Guest users can not delete any of your contacts by default. Guest users can not view or adjust your campaigns. They also do not have the ability to view groups or create new groups. They also can not edit their own profile or change any of the permission settings there. You will need to set up their profile for them.

Then click "Invite User" An email will be sent to them asking them to participate, and set a password for themselves.

Note: you can enable/disable guest permissions to add/delete contacts. See step 7 below.

A use-case for Guest User might be adding an assistant as a Guest User who has the ability to manage your conversations, and respond if that's appropriate for them to do so. The assistant would also have the ability to export a .csv list (spreadsheet) of your contacts.

Step 6

Updating the User Profile

By clicking the "profile" button below the user's contact information, you can always go back in and set further permissions. For guest users, you need to complete the profile for them, as they will not have access to their own profile or to change permission settings.

User Profiles

Step 7

Setting Permissions

Use lower 2 boxes to set permissions for the user to add or delete contacts. Decide whether or not you want your guests to be able to add or delete contacts. This gives you more control over your entire contact list - and protect contacts from accidental deletion.

Full User form

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