Teams Introduction

ConveYour Teams are like little mini-ConveYour accounts inside your larger organizational ConveYour account. They make it super easy for multiple departments, regions, territories, etc of your company to use ConveYour without getting in each others way! 🤣

Each ConveYour Team can be configured to have access to certain contacts and each Team has their messages, courses, lessons, and other resources neatly organized within the team. No one is walking over someone else’s work!

A flow chart of contacts and resources in a business team.Scenarios:

  • Multi-region sales team who wants to share information within their regional sales team, but block the noise of the other regional teams.

  • Larger organization wanting to silo conversations, lessons, and learning programs within a department.

  • Helping organizations with onboarding by limiting information shared and available to new hires so they don’t get overwhelmed, then add them to additional shared team content as they start to gain momentum and confidence.

NOTE: Teams is a premium feature, so it any of this sounds like your organization, and you would like to add TEAMS to your ConveYour platform please reach out to us!

To Create a New Team

(Teams is a premium feature that must be turned on by the ConveYour team first).

As an admin user, you can set up a team from Settings > Teams

Creating a new team in ConveYour.In the Create Team pop-up, add a “label” or name for this team (i.e. departments such as Sales, Marketing, etc. OR regional labels such as Southwest, Northeast, West Coast, etc.)

Creating a team with a new label - Set the team label

Next, you are taken to team setup, where you can set conditions by which you include members of the group, choose a color for this team, and even assign team users who are “guest” users who can also view some of the activities of the team.

Create the Default Group by setting the conditions that pull contacts into this team. The group can be based on Fields that you already use to sort your contacts. Shown below is the process of setting up the West Coast Team, where “Region” is one of Northwest is selected, and start typing in other data sets if necessary, in order to select more than one.

The Team default group conditions

Team Users would be contributors, that can view certain team activities as a guest. You add your Guest users here.

Adding a user to a team in ConveYour.Team "users" refers to invited guests

Next - establish a texting number for the team - this will be the number you share with your team, for all incoming messages in conversations. Conversations will track the messages by sender. If you have existing SMS numbers associated to your account or other user accounts, those numbers will still work.

However, Team SMS lines are more flexible because whichever user has access to the team can send and receive messages inside that team. In other words, multiple users can help managed a single SMS line conversation list.

To keep conversations specifically within this team, go ahead and establish a texting number by clicking “Select Texting Number”.

Learn more about Conversations here >>

Setting up a Texting Number and custom color in ConveYour.Select a texting number and a team color

Select a team color (this will show up in the primary navigation, and is associated only with this particular team.)

Finally, set up an auto-reply, or acknowledgment message for people sending messages to the team. For example: “Thank you for reaching out to Team Mason - someone will get back to you soon!”

Alternatively - suppress all incoming texts, if necessary, by selecting Completely Block (check box) under block Incoming SMS.

Setting up an SMS auto-reply in ConveYour.Example auto-reply

Optional completely block incoming SMS

Additional Permissions for Teams

User Permissions - another layer of permissions can be set for individual members of the group in Settings > Users > Permissions. For example, allowing the ability to see campaigns and schedule/include lessons in a campaign, but no ability to edit lessons. Or allowing an individual to view reports/results of campaign participation, but not setting up learning programs in campaigns.

Learn more about setting permissions for individual contributors >>

Keep in mind Global Account Admins can switch teams, to see other teams’ lessons and campaigns, but team members can not see the other teams’ activities

Global Admins - can switch to viewing other teams by selecting a new team by clicking the team icon at the top left in the main menu

Admins can see reporting for other teams as well, but Guest users will have limited access to reporting - only for groups they are assigned to in Group Settings

Learn more about Sharing Groups in Group Settings >>

Editing Teams

In Settings > Teams global admins can make adjustments to the group within the team, add guest or “team” users, change the color, etc.

Viewing Teams as an Admin

When admins switch from one team to another, this helps them to limit the contacts that they are seeing in the contacts tab, limits them to see only the campaigns created for this team, and in reporting, they will be limited only to results that pertain to this team. So there is an ability for the global admin to check on each team individually.

Global Admins can see other teams and can switch between team views when they click the color team dot in the main menu:

ConveYour Teams.Team icon is colorful within the main menu

and then select the team:

Selecting a team in ConveYour.Admin selects a team

Keep in mind, if no teams are selected, then the reporting, contacts, and campaigns the Admin can view are ALL of them, not just limited to one team. TEAMS can really help Admins limit their views to activities associated with one team as opposed to the entire organization!

Selecting a team in ConveYour.No team selected

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