Share Groups with Other Collaborators

When you create a group in ConveYour and you need to share that group with some collaborators, and not others, you can limit who can message or view the group.

Here are some real-world scenarios:

  • Your district manager needs to be able to view team sales progress by location

  • You need to produce sales reports by region

  • Once per quarter, team members need to complete compliance training and managers need to view completion stats only for the groups they are in charge of

Where do I find the group sharing options?

Only administrators can edit Advanced Group Sharing Settings. Guests can not. From the Group Context Menu - select Advanced Settings:

Viewing the options for Groups in ConveYour.

Notice that you can select from Make This the Default Group For and Share This Bookmark With:

Changing Groups settings in ConveYour.Advanced settings for sharing

The Default Group

Use Default Group to share that group's members, and LIMIT collaborators to ONLY seeing those specific group members.

Choose Default Group when you want to limit who can see this group of people. When an administrator sets a Default Group for a guest collaborator, that is the only list of people that guest collaborator can see, the only sandbox they can play in.

Use with caution - if you need managers to still be able to see other employees or reps in your organization, then do not limit them to a default group.

This is helpful when sharing a group of employees or reps with a manager, or multiple managers, but they don't need to see, deal with, or message any other employees.

From Advanced Settings for the group, select the name of the manager/guest collaborator who needs to work with that group. For example Paul will only see this list of people when he goes to his ConveYour groups:

Setting up a Default Group in ConveYour.Making a default group for a co-worker

Use the Default Group when you need to LIMIT who a manager/collaborator ("guest" level permissions) sees and has access to.

You can set the default group to multiple managers. If you district managers, for example, who manage multiple regions, then you would want them to see only people grouped by those regions.

Shared Bookmark

Share the Bookmark to one or multiple guest collaborators. This is probably the most-often used option, when you want regional managers or supervisors to see the reps or employees they manage, but you don't limit their ability to see other contacts or other groups.

When you have regional managers, team leaders or other collaborators who need to be able to see that group in their groups lists, and to be able to text or email that group, as well as export that list of contacts - then share the bookmark with them.

You can select one or more than one collaborator when you need to allow multiple collaborators access to a group:

Sharing Groups bookmark to contacts in ConveYour.Sharing a 'bookmark' simply means sharing the group's conditions with other collaborators.