Conversations Settings

If you have multiple responders to inbound texts messages and would like implement a systematic way of keeping track of conversations, take a look at this video!

The following settings are off by default. Based on your needs, check off any of the settings you'd like applied to your domain.

Force Tagging

When checked off, force tagging requires the assignee to tag the conversation before closing a message thread. The purpose is to see how many message are related to a certain topic in reports.

Confirm Closing

This setting will have a confirmation box pop up to confirm that you want to close a single message thread or multiple threads as a precaution to accidentally deleting a conversation thread.

Claim Automatically

Assigns a thread to the first person to respond to a conversation thread. This is especially helpful if you have lots of inbound texts that need to be dispersed among your team.

Block Reassignment

Blocks GUEST users from reassigning a conversation thread to another user. Admin users CAN still reassign users to a conversation thread.