Integrations FAQ

Do you integrate with landing page tools?

Yes! Many landing page tools like ClickFunnels, LeadPages and Kickoff Labs make it easy to integrate ConveYour. Just ask us for assistance and we can surely help you get your landing page submissions into your ConveYour.

We also have a Zapier integration which makes working with landing page software very easy as well.

Do you integrate with DocuSign for signing contracts or other signed documentation?

Yes! Learn more in this blog post on how you can use DocuSign with ConveYour to streamline your signing and/or onboarding process.

Do you integrate with WordPress? If so, how?

Yes! Please checkout our ConveYour for WordPress post. The WordPress does the following...

  • Integrates with Gravity Forms to send form submissions into ConveYour

  • Syncs your logged in WordPress users into your ConveYour contacts

  • Can track CoursePress event activities like "started course" and "finished unit".

Can you integrate with my email marketing platform?

Yes! Through our Zapier Integration you can do the following...

Do you integrate with so I can sell my courses and challenges?

Yes! You can connect directly to your in a couple clicks and start selling your courses, challenges, and assessments on ConveYour.

Do you have an API?

Yes! Follow this link >> We have multiple API's depending on your needs.

Javascript Analytics API

For browser, front-end site integrations, the JavaScript API helps you identify users that are visiting your membership portal or are on your site. You can track your user's behavior and track important milestone events.

Analytics REST API

  • You use this API to add and update contacts in your ConveYour as well as record events that relate to a contact.

  • The API consists of two methods, identify and track.

  • It's a subset of ConveYour's larger REST API.

The ConveYour REST API. {status: Full REST API

Virtually every resource in your ConveYour account can be interacted with via our full REST API. Please contact support for help and documentation.