ConveYour + Jotform logos.If you are wanting to use a JotForm that pushes info only to ConveYour, we recommend using our ‘Update Learner Profile’ lesson engagement for learners to update the information that is tied to their profile.

How do I embed a JotForm?

1.Grab the form's ID (this can be found under the publish tab, in JotForm, at the end of the URL link to share)

Getting a Jotform link from a Jotform doc.2. Drop the ID into ConveYour

Adding a Jotform Form ID to a ConveYour lesson.3. Set JotForm keys and values (JotForm Keys can be found within the advanced settings for a JotForm element under the “unique name” field details)

Adding keys to a Jotform document.Values that should be linked to ConveYour Fields within {{ }} brackets, others will be saved to JotForm submissions to be used as you need.

Adding Key Values to a Jotform in ConveYour.