Note : This is a bit nerdy but super, super useful and powerful. Don't let this intimidate you. We can help!

What is a webhook?

A webhook makes it easy for one app (in this case ConveYour) to talk to other online apps and services. Webhooks help you leverage other online apps to get things done!

How does it work?

  • You setup a webhook to be triggered when certain timing and contact conditions are met.

  • You give us a URL your other app's service endpoint.

  • When the automation runs on a contact, we send the contact's data to the URL you provide us.

ConveYour webhooks + Zapier = Awesome!

You should really check out combining a service called Zapier with ConveYour triggered webhooks. Zapier makes it really easy to integrate all your other online services.

Zapier Webhooks

Here are just a few things you could do with Zapier and a webhook

  • Tweet @user when they join your campaign

  • Add a contact to a Google Sheet

  • Schedule a meeting on your calendar with the contact!

  • Send contact data to your CRM or email management system