ConveYour Analytics with JavaScript

Using ConveYours's analytics.js integration is one way to take advantage of the robust ConveYour Analytics platform.

ConveYour's JavaScript integration will let you...

Identify Users

  • Identify who is on your site or in your app.

  • View when your users were "last seen".

  • Sync information about your app users to your ConveYour account.

Track their behavior

  • Use Conveyour to track to user behavior

Technical, how to..

Step 1. Get your script..


The ConveYour Integrations page.Step 2. Copy and paste your script into your app.

Note : Place this right before your ending </body> tag in your site or app.

Step 3. Site setup..

Identify users in sites like this.

//using emailConveyour.identify('[email protected]', {first_name: Testy, last_name: McTesterson, other: 'property', counter: {$inc: 2}});//using a user id from your appConveyour.identify(1295, {first_name: Testy, last_name: McTesterson, other: 'property', counter: {$inc: 2}});//add an item to a list type (great for tags)Conveyour.identify(1295, {"tags": {add: 'new_tag'}});

Then we track their behavior..

Conveyour.track("answered_question", { points : 10, answer : 20 });

Ok, stay with me :-)

So with these two methods we can push people into any ConveYour account, then record virtually any events we want. With a little javascript/jQuery knowledge, a developer can easily build their own "feelings" reporter.


<form><select><option value="10">fantastic!</option><option value="7">pretty good</option><option value="5">fine</option><option value="3">could be better</option><option value="0">terrible</option></select><input type="submit" value="Give me your Feelz"></form>


$('form').on('submit', function(e) {var feelings_level = $('select').val();Conveyour.track('felt', {level: feelings_level});return false;});