Connecting ConveYour with Other Apps using Zapier

What is Zapier?

Zapier makes it easy to move information between web apps automatically. Thousands of business rely on Zapier each day to move data from one app they use to another without building or maintaining custom code. In fact there is zero coding involved.

An easy way to think about Zapier is with a “when, then” statement. Here's an example of what Zapier can do.

When someone joins one of your ConveYour campaigns, then add the new joinee to my Mailchimp email list.

That's what Zapier can do! Zapier calls these little when, then; if “this then that integrations” called “Zaps”. For each zap, step one is a trigger and step two - its related action. A zap really just takes a user behavior -- such as a person registering for a freebie in a Shopify sales funnel and converting that behavior into some business activity - like adding them to your existing ConveYour campaign - as an example.

The following video introduces you to the application, Zapier.

Using Zapier to Connect ConveYour with other Apps

To access Zapier - start in More > Settings


And then in settings > Integrations, select Zapier: integrations

The following video walks you through the initial setup process in ConveYour, and provides a few examples of ways Zapier could be used to integrate other applications with ConveYour:

Start from Integrations > Zapier and "Click Here to get Access"

When you set up an account with Zapier, you actually can accept the invite. You will need your App Key and Token numbers from ConveYour in order to link and accept the invitation: appkey_token

Example Zap and Testing

Now, let's take a look at an actual zap, showing that once your applications are connected - how you test that connection, and watch it work!

Part 2 of Zapier Setup - Testing a Zap!

Example of using ConveYour with a 3rd Party Application: Linking ConveYour with a GoToWebinar

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