Say Goodbye to Stock Art: The Power of Using Midjourney AI in Your Training Content

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Andrew Baldis

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"Say GOODBYE" to boring stock art, with two illustrations of door-to-door sales reps.

Does This Sound Like You?

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Do you have a hard time finding stock art for your business?

Promotional channels, images and graphics for internal training content, social media…it’s a challenge to keep finding new images that look great unless you have the budget to manually take every photo and design every graphic.

We all know the struggle of scouring pages of terrible stock art and images in online libaries, desperate to find anything compelling that isn’t also being used by a million other companies. Even the paid services run out of useful images sooner than you’d want. We at ConveYour have certainly felt this pressure - we believe that images in your training content should be on-point, applicable, and fresh, but sometimes it just seems impossible.

Two images - the one on the left is a stock image of a classic-looking salesman, posing for the camera. The image on the right is AI generated and shows a much more natural looking sales rep in the field.At first, our team thought that DALL-E AI image generation within ChatGPT was the answer to our prayers. While the images that we got were impressive and could “get the job done,” take a look below - you can tell at a glance that they were AI-generated. They just have that feeling to them. It felt like we were back at square one, stuck with the same old stock libraries that everybody else has.

An image of a field sales rep generated by DALL-E Generative AIAI-generated illustration of a beautiful sunset scene

Enter Midjourney AI

Along comes Midjourney Generative AI. Immediately after getting access, our jaws hit the floor. We were greeted with hundreds of sample images that were completely free of that “AI smell.” A world of possibilities had just opened up. We saw the Midjourney community at large generating images that were appealing, perfectly staged, and impossible to distinguish from the real thing. We got excited and jumped right in, getting to work on what would undeniably be the stock imagery solution we were looking for.
A screenshot of Midjourney's website homepage.

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Practice Makes Perfect

As with all things, it took some practice before we got the results that we wanted. On our first attempt, we simply prompted Midjourney to show us “A door-to-door salesman.” Here is an example of the imagery we received back:

An AI-generated image of a well-dressed gentleman standing in front of a front door.A great-looking image to be sure, but not exactly one that our clients would say represents the modern-day door-to-door sales rep. Hoping to reference a more modern look, we slightly modified the prompt to instead request “A door-to-door sales representative.” Here is an example of the images this generated:
A well-dressed gentleman standing in front of an open front door. He has documents in his hand. AI generated.Much better! The (fully AI-generated!) sales rep in the picture has a much more modern look that fits in better with our client base, but we knew we could dial it in even further. Our clients who work in door-to-door (D2D) usually have their sales reps sport a more casual look. One of the sales managers we work with requested images of reps in a specific outfit that his team wears, and we used the opportunity to add even more specificity to the prompt.

Our next prompt: “A photograph of a door-to-door [male|female] sales rep outside in a suburban neighborhood, rep is wearing a polo, baseball cap, and a thin lanyard around their neck, they are holding a tablet device, front view, realistic natural lighting.”

The results felt like pure magic.

A grid of four images showing field sales reps. All generated by Midjourney.We were worried that Midjourney would be overwhelmed with the level of detail in our prompt, but instead we were rewarded with exactly the imagery we were looking for. It was the unlock that we needed, and we felt the floodgates open. AI-generated imagery through Midjourney has now become a viable replacement for stock imagery, with the power of full specificity and customization.

Just take a look below - the images on the left were created using DALL-E, while the ones on the right were generated using Midjourney - with the same prompt.

A comparison of two images generated with DALL-E and images generated by Midjourney.

Quick Tips

Here are a couple of quick tips for those who want to train themselves to create spectacular stock image content with Midjourney. Nothing can replace practice and experience, but these tips will give you a head-start and save you a handful of credits as you learn!

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  • Have an image in mind. Make mental decisions around what you want to see and take a minute to think about the key words you’ll use in your prompt.

  • Details are key. Midjourney is smart, but it’s still a computer. It’s relying on you to tell it what to create. Have an idea of the subject, framing, setting, style, background, lighting, aspect ratio, color profile, and any other details that are important to you and make sure they get included.

  • Keep it concise. There is a difference between having a prompt full of specific information and a prompt that’s overly wordy. Convey as much detail as possible in the most direct, clear way you can.

  • Variations and refining. Midjourney gives you options around upscaling, zooming out, and creating variations on existing images. Let the AI handle the minor tweaks for you and don’t be afraid to ask it to regenerate images multiple times.

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