Invite Tools

Add People to Your Course/Campaign

How do I get people to sign-up for my course?

You've created a thought-provoking course, and have placed a series of lessons into your campaign. Great work! Now what?

It's time to get people in and learning!

NOTE: For information on adding groups of contacts to a course all at once, visit Using Automations to Add Groups to a Course/Campaign

Here we will cover and provide links to detailed information on:

  • Using the Landing page

  • Embedding the Landing Page

  • Embedding the Registration Form

  • Using the Sign Up Hashtag

From campaign settings, Invite Tools:

Invite Tools option in ConveYour Campaigns.

Using the Landing Page

In Campaign Setup, you can configure the Landing Page.

Invite Tools offers you the link that you share with others to sign-up.

This link can be used to have people sign-up on their own. Email the link, or include it in an informational PDF. The landing page collects basic contact information and adds them to the campaign. Learn more here >>

Embedding the Landing Page

Embed the complete landing page information in another HTML page!

Copy the code and paste it into the HTML editor on your website! The code includes the landing page information as well as the sign-up form. Learn more here >>

Can I Use My Own Landing Page?

Of course! You can create your own landing page on your Website or other subscription services, such as ClickFunnels or Unbounce, and simply embed the registration form within the HTML of that page.

Embedding the Registration Form

Creating your own beautiful landing page? Great! Now just grab this code and to embed the registration form only into the beautiful landing page you create.  Learn all about embed methods here >>

Can I Have People Sign Up From a Live Event?

Certainly! Send people to your landing page URL for sign-up. That works well for follow-up programs and asynchronous learning. But what about answering questions or participating in a poll during a live event? You could have them add themselves quickly to your course/campaign that contains the poll, by texting a hash tag to your ConveYour number. Have them respond to the poll during the event, and present the findings later on at the event.

Using the "Hashtag" Method

Scroll down in invite tools to find Signup Hashtag. Choose an easy-to-remember single word for the hashtag.

Then, you can simply prompt people to send a text message, include a # symbol + your selected word, First Name, Last Name, and email address.

Adding a As an example, say you choose 'tips' as your word. Audience texts:

#tips John Doe [email protected]

Hashtag best practices:

  • keep it simple and easy to spell

  • use all lowercase letters

  • make it fun!

Learn details about the hashtag method here >>

NOTE: if the audience makes a mistake, typo, or types the wrong word to your ConveYour # - they do not get lost in the ether! The SMS catch-all program saves their contact information for follow-up. You will get an email alerting you to this error, so you can ensure they get enrolled into the correct campaign. The Catch All Program is a function of your Default Campaign Learn more about the default campaign here >>

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