In this document we will cover:

  • naming your campaign

  • selecting an owner for the campaign

  • adding a description for the course/campaign

  • selecting a banner image for the course/campaign

What's it all about?

The information section of your campaign allows you to tell your audience what this course or campaign is all about!

Get started by giving your campaign a name.

The public name is the name your audience will know it by. Maybe it's a course name such as Tips for Better Time Management or 7 Steps to Social Media Marketing using LinkedIn. Or maybe it's a messaging program such as 10 Days of Positive Affirmations.

Whatever you want your audience or learners to know about this campaign or course - type it into the first field.

The internal name is the display name you and your team will see in your list of campaigns, and may also help you keep these better organized by date or topic if you plan to have multiple courses going on at the same time.

Campaign Owner

Select yourself as the owner, or if you are an admin within a larger organization, select the author's name. The difference is really just permissions settings. Only the owner of the campaign can delete a course, for example, but admins can add content, create courses, and update all settings behind the scenes.


Enter a description for the course in the next text field. Include course outcomes (after completing this course, you will be capable of x,y, and z) any promotions you have going on, or incentives for completing the course. NOTE the information you provide here, will also show appear on the landing page for this campaign.

Banner Image

Finally, select a banner image for the course. For now, simply select one from the gallery. You can add custom banner images at any time - and banner image sizing as well as best practices can be accessed by clicking on the more information button in the description.

And an example of how that banner translates in the learner portal on the mobile phone:

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