Learner Portal Setup

This document familiarizes you with the Portal Settings and options.

What is the Learner Portal?

The learner portal is the interactive environment through which your audience interfaces with your course/campaign.

This video describes the experience from the learner's perspective. The portal is accessed each time the learner is prompted to engage with the course/campaign via email or mobile text message:

Basic Settings

From Campaigns > Learner Portal you have a few options where you can set your preferences for the learner experience.

The Leaderboard - Encourage a little friendly competition! From the video above, the leaderboard shows the scores of top participants throughout the life of a course/campaign. If you have incentives for completing the course, or simply want to increase engagement through the spirit of competition, then leave Hide Leaderboard unchecked. If you are working with a population for which the answers include sensitive information, or the course content is more self-reflective, then you can choose to Hide the Leaderboard by placing a check in the box.

Portal Section - Breaking training content into sections helps to serve as roadmaps that guide learners through a topic, such as "Compliance training", or the onboarding process, making it more manageable and effective. This feature, when checked, ultimately enhances the overall learning experience and facilitates smoother navigation through training programs. Learn more here!

Lock Completion Order - If your content builds upon concepts learned along the way, and the presentation is very linear, then you can lock the completion orders so that new lessons are not available until the current lesson is completed. This feature is great for compliance training when all content must be consumed and verified.

Show Campaign if Tagged With - Have one group engaged with multiple courses in your training system? This is one way to include additional courses in a contact's portal, so that they can have access to it, without asking them to sign up. If you add a tag to a set of your contacts that you want to have access to this course - then you can let the system know here what tag you used, and the system will automatically allow those contacts access.

Sort Order In Portal - Related to multiple courses available to contacts, if the order of appearance is important in their portal - when content from one course must be learned before starting the next course - then you can set the order of appearance in the learner's portal for each course/campaign here.

Customizing the Learner Portal Color Logo and Theme

You can customize the way the portal looks to the learner, by customizing the learner portal adding logo, selecting a highlight color, and light or dark theme. You have the ability to do this for all campaigns on your platform, or on an individual learner basis! (Great for demos or customized sales pitches).

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