Sell Your Content

ConveYour makes it really easy for you to sell your content.

With our billing system you can...

  • Charge a one-time fee for your course or challenge.

  • Run a coaching membership portal with a monthly subscription.

  • Track who paid what and when.

  • Track the sales of your content.

Campaigns = content = courses, challenges, drip emails, etc..

In ConveYour a "campaign" is just a high level name for your interactive course, email course, challenge, assessment, etc.

How can I charge for my content?

  1. Setup a account if you don't already have one.

  2. Use our integration to connect your Stripe account to ConveYour.

  3. Set a price within your campaign's settings..

Integrate with Stripe

First make sure you have setup a account.

  1. Go to settings > integrations > stripe.

  2. Click "connect" to ink your accounts.

Set your Billing for your Campaign

Here's where you will setup the pricing for your course, challenge, content, etc.

  1. From the main menu, go to campaigns

  2. Click the edit button for the campaign you want to set pricing for.

  3. Scroll down to the setup billing section and update your price.

One time charge

Enter a price and your desired currency to just charge a one-time fee for your course.

Subscription Billing

You can also setup your course to run in a monthly subscription model! In the Stripe Plan ID field, enter one of your valid plan ID's. This is great for offering your participants a trial period to interact with your content before committing to a larger investment.

Signup and Charging flow..

  • Participants (aka students, players) navigate to your landing page.

  • They fill in their name, email, and mobile (optional).

  • After submitting their information the stripe payment box will pop up.

  • They enter their billing info and are granted registration to your course once the billing is successful.

Note. Your info will appear in the billing box not ConveYour's

Cross-selling & Up-selling

You can cross-sell and up-sell your courses very easily! It's a seamless experience for your customers. Check out the video!