Resetting Content in Campaigns for Participants

With ConveYour campaigns, you can easily reset progress for learners for a course/campaign in its entirety, or reset a single lesson for the individual.

Why would you want to do this? Let's say you have an individual who, for whatever reason, misinterpreted a question, hit the wrong button, etc. and wanted another chance to record their answer. You could reset the lesson that contains that question for the specific learner, as opposed to restarting the entire course for everybody.

Another great use case would be if you were testing a course from the learner perspective - you may want to make some updates to lessons after your first run-through, and you need to reset progress the course/campaign for the test contact profile.

Reset a specific lesson for a learner in the campaign

From Campaigns > Content

You will be resetting a single lesson for 1 learner who maybe started with the wrong information, or has a need for a "retry" for many other reasons. The system refers to each piece of content as a "Trigger" so you will actually be resetting one piece of content to be "triggered" or sent to the learner you select.

Simply enter the Campaign. Go to your Content list, and navigate to the specific lesson. From the lesson's context menu, select reset for contact:

Use the filters to select your desired contact profile (note - they must be enrolled in the course in order to be searchable!) and then select Reset for the 1 contact (button at the bottom right)

Reset progress of entire course/campaign for 1 learner

To start the course/campaign over for a specific learner, simply navigate to your campaigns list. Select Contacts (which will display only the learners enrolled in this course).

Choose a contact to reset the course, and click reset progress.

Can I start a campaign/course over for more than one learner at a time?

Yes - you can reset the entire campaign for multiple contacts in this course as well, by ticking the boxes next to the names of the contact for whom you wish to reset progress in this course!