Pre-Launch Checklist

Ready to launch your course/campaign? Let's run through a quick checklist to ensure the minimum requirements are complete, before you add people to take part in your campaign.

The checklist includes the minimum items necessary for you to have completed prior to launch of your campaign/course.

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  • [ ] Given the campaign a public name (what your viewers will see)

  • [ ] Created brief description of the course (appears on landing page, and if the click on "info" button in portal)

  • [ ] Selected a Banner Image (shows in portal under available courses)


  • [ ] Added content and lessons

  • [ ] Checked scheduling for each piece of content


Don't add anyone but yourself for testing just yet. Wait until you have completed this checklist 🙂

Registration & Confirmation:

  • [ ] Set Welcome Text - ensure that /help/campaigns-pre-launch-checklist is in the message to link to their portal otherwise, no way to get in!

  • [ ] Set Welcome Email - with /help/campaigns-pre-launch-checklist in the message to link to their portal

Landing Page

(nothing required here, unless you want people to self sign-up)

Learner Portal:

  • [ ] Hide or show leaderboard. Is this a competition?

Timing Options:

  • [ ] Time Zone matches the intended audience?

  • [ ] Check Start Date

  • [ ] Is there an absolute end date? If not - leave this set into the future.


(nothing required here unless this is a monetized course)

Invite Tools


  • [ ] Set desired hashtag if you would like participants to self sign-up from a mobile device - keep it short, all lowercase, no odd characters

Next up:

Adding Contacts to Your Course/Campaign

Or, you can have people sign-up for your course using a landing page, or from their mobile device using the hashtag method!