How do I check on the statistics for learners in my course?

From your Campaign menu - the lower portion of the menu offers "Stats"

Viewing stats and question results in a ConveYour Campaign.View statistics and progress results for your campaign

In "Stats" you can see an overview of the course/campaign progress, including number of participants in the course (currently in campaign), the leaderboard by month or within the past year, and the engagement funnel.

Viewing the Engagement Funnel in ConveYour Campaigns.Viewing overall participation in the engagement funnel

Viewing reports for a Lesson in ConveYour.

Use the Engagement Funnel to View Individual Lesson Component Reports

Get a detailed analysis of the individual components within a lesson - by clicking on a section of your engagement funnel. (example above). From there, you can view results of individual lesson items, or click Print at top right for a full report of the lesson results.

The engagement funnel gives your an interesting snapshot into the level of engagement throughout the course. If you notice engagement drops off sharply as the participants view and engage with the content, then this is a signal that you should revisit your content, determine when they start to drop off and where you can change the content to increase engagement. For compliance-based courses, the engagement funnel should show 100% participation when all content is required.

Drilling down further, click on that individual lesson in the engagement funnel, to expand a detailed analysis of each section within that lesson, including video watch statistics as shown below:

Viewing the stats of a ConveYour Campaign.Or question response rate/results as shown here:

Viewing the reporting for a specific challenge question in a ConveYour Campaign.

Can I see the details?

Yes! View individual learner details of course progress by clicking on the View Reports button at the top of the screen. Campaign Performance and Answer Performance will take you to REPORTING for your full report. Progress Drill Down - opens in a pop-up window and shows how much progress everyone in the campaign is making, but does not take you out of campaigns.

Viewing Campaign + Answer Performance and the Progress Drill Down in ConveYour.From the Progress Drill Down, you can drill down further, by clicking on an individual's name, to see their details, including how they did on individual sections of the course. You can really go deep into the progress report!

Campaign Progress Report in ConveYour.

Can I print results?

In addition to exporting the overall report - you can also print results of the individual lessons or message triggers. Notice that reports for the lesson offers a PRINT button at the top right of the modal window. Click print to view a preview of the report on the left, and select your destination printer/printer settings at right:

Printing results in ConveYour.

Can I export a PDF of the results?

Certainly - Export a PDF by simply changing the printer destination from a physical printer - to print as a digital PDF. This will allow you to export/download the colorful report as a PDF for sharing with stakeholders:

Saving results as a PDF.

Other ways to learn about learner activity

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