Engagement Funnel

Understanding Audience High-Level Engagement

The engagement funnel was created to give you a high-level view of how users or learners are engaging with your content. This feature allows you to see the level of engagement with your campaign's triggered content over time. This feature helps you to understand how people are engaging with your content and alert you to areas that may need adjustment, or that lack engagement relative to other content.

From your Campaign menu - the lower portion of the menu offers "Stats"

The Stats menu in ConveYour Campaigns.Here you can see an overview of the course/campaign progress, including number of participants in the course (currently in campaign), the leaderboard by month or within the past year, and the engagement funnel.

The ConveYour engagement funnel.The engagement funnel gives your an interesting snapshot into the level of engagement throughout the course. If you notice engagement drops off sharply as the participants view and engage with the content, then this is a signal that you should revisit your content, determine when they start to drop off and where you can change the content to increase engagement.

For compliance-based learner, the engagement funnel should show 100% participation when all content is required. Learn more about compliance training >>

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