Campaign Reporting

Campaign Reporting allows you to see a breakdown of learners’ progress, answers, grades, points, and more. Campaign reporting consists of a series of individual reports to give you a more detailed breakdown of learner stats.

Campaign Performance, Campaign Progress, and Answer Performance can be found under the Reporting tab or Under the Stats Page in a campaign. Stats and Campaign Progress drill down can be found under the stats tab of a campaign.Campaign Progress and Performance in ConveYour.

Campaign Performance Report‍Campaign Performance Report in ConveYour.ConveYour’s Campaign performance report displays learners’ performance in any given campaign. Filters include campaign, group, and contact fields. This report can run on contacts currently in the campaign, archived contacts, or both.

The report includes the following:

  • Name

  • Current Grade

  • Points Acquired v Max Points Possible to be Acquired

  • Name and Time of the Last Lesson Completed

  • Estimated Overall Progress

  • Lesson Completion Progress

  • Number of Lessons Released, Started, and Completed

  • Individual Lesson Items completed v Total number of Lesson Items

Campaign Progress Report‍

Campaign Progress Report in ConveYour.The Campaign Progress report displays learners’ progress in any given campaign. You can filter by group and/or contact fields.

This report includes…

  • Estimated overall progress

  • Estimated overall grade

  • Number of number of lessons

  • Number of assigned contacts

  • Number of leaners with progress

Campaign Progress Drill Down

‍This report can be found within the ‘Stats’ tab of a campaign under ‘view reports’.

Progress Drill Down in ConveYour reports.The report is a simpler version of the campaign performance report and shows stats for each learner currently enrolled in the campaign.

Example of a Campaign Progress Report in ConveYour.Includes stats on…

  • Progress percentage

  • Number of lessons released

  • Number of lesson items released and completed

  • Grade

  • Points acquired and max points possible based on their place in the campaign

Answer Performance

‍This report can be found either in the reports tab, under "questions"...

Viewing Answer Performance in ConveYour.OR, in the stats tab of a campaign, under "view reports"...

Viewing Answer Performance in ConveYour.

The full Answer Performance Report in ConveYour.‍The answer performance report includes learners’ answers to specific lesson items, such as fill-in-the-blank or challenge questions, the number of attempts, time completed, and the corresponding lesson and campaign.