Other Reports

Overall Leaderboard

The overall leaderboard report shows how many points learners have accumulated throughout all campaigns and orders learners from the highest amount to the lowest. You can filter by group or field. Use this to track your top performers for incentives!

Learner Dashboard

The learner dashboard report displays a learner's stats on points, interactions, completion percentage, and released lessons & campaigns. You can filter by searching for any contact's name.

Lesson Interactions

This report displays the number of learner interactions per lesson as well as the median time to complete. This report can be used to see if any adjustments should be made to lessons to help increase engagement so training gets done faster.

Lesson Engagement

The Lesson Engagement Report is a comprehensive tool designed to provide insights into lesson releases and learner engagement within a specified time frame.

Key Features:

1. Time Frame Selection:

  • Choose a start and end date to analyze lesson engagement data within a specific period.

2. Lesson Releases and Learner Engagement bar:

  • Visual representation of lesson releases and corresponding learner engagement over time.

3. Top Lessons:

  • List of lessons ranked by engagement, helping you identify the most effective content.

4. Learner Breakdown:

  • Distribution of engagement among different learner groups to tailor content accordingly.

5. Engagement Metrics:

  • Quantitative data includes the median time to start lessons, median time to complete lessons, completion percentages, and more.

6. Customization Options:

  • Select lesson categories, learner demographics, and engagement thresholds for a focused view of data.

The Lesson Engagement Report empowers you to make informed decisions regarding lesson content and delivery. By tracking engagement metrics, you can optimize the learning experience and maximize learner satisfaction.

Please reach out to our support team through email, [email protected], or our chat box if you have any questions!