The Activity Feed

Do you want to know how your learners are doing? How your audience is engaging with your content? Check out the activity feed!

Where can I find the activity feed?

The activity feed can be found in two places. First - you can see the latest and greatest activity in Reporting - and the Activity Feed. Here you will find everything that has just occurred, in the order it occurred - by Event, and then by Contact.

Second - find the activity feed for the individual. Go to your contacts, search for the individual by name, and view their profile. From Contact Profile details, I can see the individual activity listed at right.

You can view activities such as started lesson, completed lesson, recorded stats, answered question, and overall campaign progress.

Click on the Event to view the event details. What’s cool about this overall activity feed is that it can be used to create a group of everyone who just achieved or completed this event.

For example, if I go to this event, and click on Completed Lesson, I view the details for this event. Now, to find others who have also completed this lesson, click on View Group. ConveYour automatically takes you to the group creation panel, and here I see right away the number of others who have also completed this lesson. I can save this group and leverage the group to send them all a message, perhaps reward them, or even add them to an additional course once they have completed this lesson.

All of these activities give you insight into your learners, and help you to understand how they are engaging with your content, and if there are any sticking points. Use this information to inform how you develop and build your learning programs going forward!

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