Messaging Reports

Messaging Reports consist of 3 reports to give you an in-depth view into the deliverability of your messages for campaign & lesson notifications, SMS & Email automations, and group messages.

SMS Summary By Number

This report displays the number of texts sent from each user's texting line. It also displays how many texts were delivered, undelivered, failed, received (incoming), and how many numbers have unsubscribed.

Sent Messages

The sent messages report shows the deliverability of texts sent to groups, via an automation, lesson or campaign notification. You can also view the time a text was sent, delivered, or bounced per learner by clicking on the right arrow next to the message preview.

A module will pop up with a detailed breakdown.

SMS Delivery Dashboard

The SMS delivery dashboard is a more detailed breakdown of the deliverability numbers found in the SMS Messages and SMS Summary by Number reports.

This report includes…

  • Text body

  • Date sent

  • Status

  • Direction, can be inbound or inbound

  • Number the text was either sent from

  • Price, based on segments (only applies to accounts where sms pricing is not included in the monthly sub)

  • Error code & error text, if any