Content for Sequencing Learning Programs Using Add to Campaign

Add to Campaign for Sequencing Learning Programs

There are essentially two methods for sequencing learning programs. 1) Creating an "arbiter" course with Add to Campaign content items where conditions are set to listen for course completion before adding people to another course, or 2) Including "Add to Campaign" content items as a final content item with conditions set to trigger once the learner has completed the final lesson.

Method 1

Using a Campaign as an "Arbiter" or "Umbrella" campaign for adding people to the next course in a sequence is a powerful way to create learning programs. By using the "Add to Campaign" feature, you have the ability to add people to other campaigns when they match certain conditions.

Scenario: Say you have a training program which begins with a welcome course, and two additional follow-up training courses built for onboarding or training sales reps. Creating an "arbiter" campaign - you could include 2 "Add to Campaign" items - containing conditions that listen for when the learner (rep) has completed the welcome course - adds them to a Level 1 training course in the sequence, and again after completing Level 1, the "Add to Campaign" item includes conditions that "listens" for completion of the Level 1 course - which adds them to the next course in the sequence.

arbiter campaign - add to campaign elements to each level in the training

In this first method - the group conditions you set within each Add to Campaign item, is based on Campaign Progress is 100%

Let's take a closer look at "Manage Group" and setting the conditions within your Add to Campaign item as we explore Method 2

Method 2

Another method is to include an "Add to Campaign" item, as the final item, after all of your lessons in the welcome course - where the condition set listens for completion of the final lesson, and adds them to the next course/campaign in the sequence.

In this scenario, you add the content item "Add to Campaign" as the last content item:

In the Add to Campaign setup - you will need to set the conditions to add learners who completed the last lesson - on the left panel click "Manage Group"

click "Manage Group"

add your conditions - in this case an "event listener" listening to finished lesson (the final lesson):

create group - next click "select field or activity"

Click Select Field or Activity to set the event listener "Completed Lesson":

event listener "completed lesson"

completed lesson event filter - when has any value = anytime the condition is met

After you have set your event listener condition, you simply select the next campaign in the series that you want to add learners to. If you want to customize the message alerting them to access the next campaign, you can write the welcome SMS and welcome emails. Otherwise, the learner will receive the welcome messaging associated with the course/campaign you are adding them to.

Add to campaign setup complete, and next course in series selected