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What can I do with ConveYour's messaging system?

Best Practices

Guide to Getting Better Results with Text Messaging

Do I send messages from my own cell phone number?

No. You will actually pick your own dedicated SMS/MMS phone number from within ConveYour from the welcome page after creating your account. You will send SMS messages out from this phone number and incoming replies to your outbound messages will be “piped back into” your ConveYour account.

Are the numbers random or do I get to pick?

No, they are not random! You get to pick a number similar to your current mobile number! As an account owner, when you first sign up for ConveYour, you will be prompted to set up a texting/SMS #.

Can Admins text and respond in conversations?

Yes, but Admins must also set up a texting number. Steps:

When an admin is logged in, navigate to CONVERSATIONS

At the top, you will see a message prompting you to select an SMS phone line. Click SELECT:

Selecting an SMS line to use in SELECT to start setup

Enter Your AREA CODE (And you could select a desired area code if necessary):

Setting up text messaging in ConveYour.Enter desired area code

Then pick from the list of presented numbers, and click SELECT:

Setting up a phone number in a number

How do I send text messages?

Send text messages directly to a contact from their contact profile or from within conversations.

From Contact Profile

From the main menu go to Contacts. Select a contact name and from the contact's menu that appears, choose send text message. This will take you to the conversations interface, where you can start texting, choose an image to send, or record a video!

Viewing Contact information in ConveYour.Send text message, send email, or view all conversations with this contact

If you don't already have any contacts, you can upload a group of contacts from a .csv spreadsheet, or you can add contacts individually from Contacts > Add Contacts

From Conversations

If someone reaches out to you, by texting your ConveYour number, you can reply and manage all conversations from Main Menu > Conversations.

Find the message and simply enter your reply, and hit SEND. Note that you can now search conversations, by clicking on Filter Conversations.

Sending a test text message in ConveYour.Learn more about conversations

You can also send groups of contacts a message as well. See 'How do I send messages to a group?' below....

I forgot my phone number! How do I find it in ConveYour?

You can always find your texting number under your profile which you can access by clicking on your avatar image in the top left of the main menu. You can also access your profile from Main Menu > Settings > Profile - and look for "Texting Number"

Viewing a contact's texting phone number in ConveYour.ConveYour texting number

Other Questions

I'm in another country, can I select an international number to send and receive text messages?

We do support international SMS messaging! If you want to pick a sending SMS number outside of the US, please contact support and we'd be happy to help you select one.

What's the pricing on text messages?

Texting from ConveYour is pay-as-you-go. You only pay for what you use.

What happens if someone calls my ConveYour texting line?

The line will simply disconnect by default. We can help you set it up so that inbound calls get forwarded to your regular mobile phone or we can have a recording play. Please contact support about getting this setup.

Creating Group Messages

How do I send messages to a group?

From the main menu, go to groups and create your desired group. if you don't already have one. Once you have created your group, click “Text Group” from the group's context menu, and then create your message.

Contact groups in ConveYour.text or email group from group context menu

OR use an automation to schedule a timed text message to a group.


What are placeholders?

Use placeholders to create dynamic messages to your contacts, personalizing each message. At the time of sending, placeholders replace each placeholder word with the real value for the recipient! Placeholders are one of THE BEST ways to improve authenticity in your messages which in turn boosts engagement.

To use them, simply select the add placeholder button, {...} and choose the field you want to use.

What is this fallback: “there” in my placeholder?

It's fallback, “plan b” text will be used if there is no value in the contacts data for the given placeholder field.

Example.. Let's say you didn't have a contact's first name. And your text was...

Hi {{first_name}}! Great job!


Hi {{first_name or "there"}}! Great job!

Then at the time of sending your text would go out as... (when there is no first name for this contact).

Hi there! Great job!

Repeating Yourself and Snippets

I find myself sending a lot of the same messages to people. Is there a faster way to reply to folks?

Yes! You should use snippets combined with the shortcuts feature.

Pasting a snippet into a message in ConveYour.Snippets help you build frequently used messages - save them to a folder - and select them to add to your message. Learn more here >>

Video Messaging

What are the benefits of using your video messaging?

ConveYour's video messaging through text messages gives you an extremely convenient way to broadcast video directly to your tribe/audience.

  • No more uploading semi-private videos to Vimeo, or Youtube, and having to mess with privacy settings just to send a video to a few people.

  • No more remembering which video URL you need to copy to send to others

  • No more remembering where you uploaded that video to.

  • No more worrying about what other videos will show up next to the one you are delivering to people (other people's videos, your videos that aren't applicable).

ConveYour's video messaging is a simple as whipping out your phone, navigating to one of your ConveYour groups, recording a quick selfie video, and sending the video to the group! That's it!

How do I add a video?

When composing a text message, click on the “media” icon. (Small camera icon)

Adding an image or view to a message in ConveYour.You can insert a URL of a sharable video, or record a video on the fly! Select Record Video, and just start talking into the camera when prompted.

Recording a video to add to a message in ConveYour.Managing Conversations

I sent a blast SMS message. Where do I go to see replies?

From the main menu, click on conversations. Or got to conversations with a specific contact from a contact's profile.

Testing messaging in ConveYour.How do other admin users select their SMS phone number in ConveYour?

The same way you selected yours. Once you have added another admin user to the system, that user will go to their profile and select their SMS/MMS texting line.

What happens if another one of my admin users replies to a text message I received on my texting line?

Scenario... You send a text message to Jill on 206-555-1212, Jill replies. John (your second admin user) replies to her. In this case, John's ConveYour texting number will be used instead of yours. This makes it easy for multiple admin users to be privy/part of the conversation with Jill. Jill then knows who she is responding to.

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