Getting Better Results with SMS Messaging

You have decided to use mobile text delivery instead of email in order to boost engagement with your employees, students, or reps. However, that can be a bit tricky, and we wanted to provide you with some tips in order to ensure your recipients get the message!

Do mobile carriers filter my text messages to my audience?

Yup, they sure do! And they are really secretive about what tips their processes off as to what gets flagged as spam and what actually gets through. But we’d love to share what we’ve figured out so far.

How do I keep my SMS messages from getting flagged as spam?

Much like "the pirate code", these are guidelines. We can’t say for sure what keeps a particular message from getting through, but these tips will help.

  • The more you can make it sound like a conversation the better. If mobile carriers detect that your message contains spammy language they could block it.**

  • Links right away in a first-time or second-time blast tend to get labeled as spam almost immediately. So, ask your tribe to reply in order to get the link to your Calendly, event sign-up URL (site address), or your free ebook, etc. You can always follow with a pre-set Snippet that can be sent out as a response to the ones that say yes.

  • Massive amounts of exclamation points. It sounds silly, we know, but scammers tend to use these a lot.

Before you send your message, ask yourself some questions...

Is the message confusing? Would someone see your message and think their number has been sold to someone they don’t know who is now messaging them or is it clear they have contacted you before and they know who it’s from?

Does the person receiving know how to opt-out?

Am I using too many capitals, excessive punctuation, or aggressive language?