Text Messaging Scenarios

Text Messaging Scenarios

A frequently used feature in ConveYour is the text messaging feature. It's a way to keep in touch with your contacts or "tribe" on a one-to-one basis or connect to groups.

Here are a couple of real-world scenarios in which ConveYour can be used:

Weekly Check-Ins:

You may need to communicate weekly with a few key members of your team with technology updates, system changes, or even notes of encouragement.

Direct Message to a Specific Contact:

You desire to send a specific message to one person in your contact list.

Message Blast to a Larger Group:

You have one message that you need to send to many - it's easy to create a group in ConveYour and message only those that match a certain criteria, like division or region.

Reminders or Repeat Messaging:

You have a repeat message that needs to go out at specific intervals, and need to automate messaging to a group, as well as schedule the frequency of this message.

Prep for Presentation:

You have a message that you need to send to a group of people before you present to them, perhaps it's a task, or a reminder of elements they need to bring with them prior to your presentation.

Personalize Messages:

You need to reach out to many, but the message needs to have a personal touch in order to be effective. ConveYour placeholders allow you to insert the recipient's first name into the message, and a video can make the message feel even more authentic - because it's coming from you!

Getting Started with Text Messaging

If you are unfamiliar with messaging in ConveYour - here are couple of tutorials to get you started. The first is an overview, and the second is a tutorial that allow you to follow along and get some hands-on practice.

Now You Try

Follow along with the video and practice sending messages on your own:

Also you should check out:

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