Pause, Play, and Restart Campaigns

You can allow your learners to pause & resume your campaigns (aka courses) or completely restart your campaign altogether. This is a function from within the user's personal portal.**

What if, one of your learners has subscribed to a 140-day drip course that you have created. They have answered the first 7 days of content, but had to stop for personal reasons, or a work trip. By default, when they hop back into their portal, they'll just have a few more questions to answer to get caught up. Not a big deal in this case.

However, what if your course is say 2 months long and has 50+ engagements dripped out almost daily? If the learner took a considerable break and then later re-engages in the course, they might be overwhelmed with how much of the course they have to complete to get caught up. The pause function accessed from their personal portal, can really help in this case, because when the learner hits play again to resume, they only receive the very next piece of content, rather than everything they have missed.

Restart completely resets their join date, so the learner can start again if too much time has passed, and they just want a fresh start.

So this pause, play, and restart functionality from within the user's personal portal, can really help you align your content with the schedules and motivations of your learners.


Play & Pause

You can give your learners the ability to pause your drip course before a vacation or other type of break. Then when they come back, they can just click play again and they will get put back on the drip schedule relative to the day they hit resume!


You can also give your learners the ability to complete restart your drip course. This completely resets the course for them. It removes previous answers and resets their join date so that the drip schedule resets to the current day.

So if a learner went a whole month not completing their scheduled content, they could go back into their portal, tap restart, and feel motivated that they are starting fresh.

There are a lot of great reasons for why you might want your learners to be able to restart a course after fully completing it. This is very useful for exercise or behavior regiments. They could reset a 7 day course each week if they wanted to receive a daily alert of the program. They click on their content alert, follow the day's program, and they don't have think about re-referencing the content on their own.

Another cool option is for learners to coordinate together when they are going to restart your course and learn as a cohort.


This pause, play, and restart functionality is turned OFF in campaigns by default. To turn this functionality on...

  1. Go to main menu > campaigns.

  2. Find your desired campaign and click on “edit” in the campaign's menu.

  3. Go down to the “In Their Portal” section

  4. Select your desired functionality level in Progress Permissions dropdown

  5. re-save your campaign

Aligning with Human Behavior

This feature is just another example of how ConveYour helps you align with true human behavior. It's about meeting learners where they are and guiding them through a learning process or desired change in behavior.

**Learn more about the personal portal from the end-user's standpoint here: