Original Campaign Setup

This document focused on an older interface of ConveYour. For campaigns setup, start here

How do I setup my campaign?

From Main Menu > Campaigns

In Setup Campaigns select > Add New Campaign

First, pick the appropriate campaign:

For Example select - Self-Paced Course, and you will be offered the following choice - start with sample content or a blank canvas:

You can choose to have ConveYour populate the campaign with sample content, or you can start with a blank canvas. When you are first starting out, it's helpful to choose Yes, create some samples, so you can look at triggered content and test examples.

You now have your first campaign folder created - ready for editing. ConveYour returns you directly to your Campaigns list.

Tool tips, which appear above each item in the Campaign menu, guide us through each of the elements related to this specific campaign. You can click "Hide these tips" when you are done reviewing them for the first time.

To begin, you will want to select Edit to begin Editing Your Campaign Settings.

Follow along with the video below and review what we have listed here so far.

Campaign Setup Part 2

Now let's edit the campaign settings.

Click Edit from you campaign's edit bar.

When prompted select "Guide Me" to put you into the Campaign Setup Wizard

Basic Settings

Name the Campaign or Course

We are going to give this a name that will be seen by your audience.

The Internal Name is the name you will recognize the Campaign by in your list of campaign folders. What would help keep you organized? Do you plan to make more than one of these courses? If so, you might start with a naming convention that includes the start of a sequential order.

Next, we get to select a background image for the campaign in general. You can create a custom banner, but for simplicity in this first one, let's just select one from the library already provided.

(select the Next button at the bottom of your setup page to move forward)

Timing Options

Now you want to set up a time-zone that most closely matches your audience. If you audience is all over the US, note that the messages could be set up for noon pacific, but that would be afternoon eastern standard time. If you need specific regional groups to be receiving messages at the same time, consider making multiple campaigns, one for each applicable time zone.

Set your start date - if this were related to a specific event, then the start date would be set to the date of that event.

(select the Next button at the bottom of your setup page to move forward)

Registration and Confirmation Messages

The hashtag is related to registration. It's the simple, easy-to-remember, one word that participants can use to sign-up for the course from their mobile device. Remember the number you selected as your messaging number when you set up your ConveYour account? They use that number to send a hashtag followed by this word to sign-up for your campaign or course. This is discussed in more detail in another demo video on using hashtags for communicating with your audience about self-enrollment. Things to remember, keep it short, and easy-to-spell!

Confirmation Messages

These are the messages that get sent to your audience when they sign-up. This message is often the audience's first contact from you, so it's helpful to make it personal. Default messages are provided - rephrase as you see fit. It's helpful if you include your campaign name, and welcome them to the campaign or course.

Set up the SMS and EMAIL versions of the message that go out once the campaign is live. SMS messages are the text messages they receive to a mobile device like a phone or tablet upon sign-up. Email - of course, lands to their email inbox.

For consistency, it's helpful to duplicate the SMS message for the EMAIL welcome message - for those users who did not provide a mobile phone number - they still get the same welcome message.

(select the Next button at the bottom of your setup page to move forward)

Advanced Settings

Now you have arrived to the Advanced Settings tab. Here you will find many other options available to you which are described in the advanced campaigns setup video.

For now - select Save Campaign - and there you have it - - your first Campaign! Congratulations!

Follow along with the second part of Basic Campaign Setup with this video: