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How do I change my password?

You can change your password from within your user profile under settings.

How to change your password

I forgot my password! How do I reset it?

Your password can be reset by clicking the "forgot password link" in the log-in box

How to reset your Password

How do I add other users to the system?

You can add new users by clicking settings

How to add new users

How do I add my contacts to the system?

You can add contacts by simply uploading a .csv file

Importing contacts

How do I start building a campaign?

A campaign is a “folder” that holds your trigger records and is easily set up.

Campaign Setup

How does a user experience ConveYour from a mobile device?

Understanding what a user experiences from their point of view can help you develop your engagements or triggers for a campaign.

User's ConveYour Portal

Can a user "pause" their campaign?

Yes! A user can pause a campaign - when that option is enabled by you. Read more here:

Pause, Play, and Restart a Campaign

What's a trigger?

A trigger, or "triggered content" is a piece of content or action, released by ConveYour to your audience at a particular time from within a Campaign. Triggers include engagement formats, and internal actions applied to your audience. Find out more here:

Introduction to Triggered Content

How do I setup a group from my contacts?

You can set up a group in order to message a smaller segment of your contacts, or to receive interactive content. You can even create a group and add them to a specific campaign, made only for that segment of your contacts. Learn more:

Setting up Groups

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