Using Your ConveYour Portal

The updated user portal works in concert with lessons to provide your audience with a clear path to interacting with your content. (updated fall 2019)

New features include: - simplified menu and toolbar - improved user profile interface  - improved user control - keyword topic search

The menu has been simplified, and the workflow is very clear across multiple devices.

The screenshots included below are from in-app views on an iPhone. However, you can view the portal and courses on any portable device or personal computer.

The workflow is basically - 1) viewing course or courses you are enrolled in, 2) choose from available lessons as well as stats, and 3) lesson interaction.

If a friendly competition is part of the scenario, learners/participants are able to view their current standing in "Stats" showing them points earned and a leaderboard.

Watch this brief video walkthrough to learn more about updating your profile and navigating the portal from a desktop computer point of view: