First Steps and Account Preferences

Getting Started

First Steps and Account Preferences

When you setup your ConveYour account, you will be sent an invite via email to login to your ConveYour account for the first time. When you click through to your ConveYour URL - save it to favorites in your browser for quick access in the future.

Select a password that is easy for you to remember but that is at least 8 characters long, and ideally contains numerical as well as alphabetic data.

Select Password

When you first login to ConveYour - you are presented with the Welcome Screen. You can access this welcome screen at any time by hovering over the top left of your screen to display Main Menu > Welcome.

Main Menu

Under Getting Started you may be prompted to confirm your email address - by asking ConveYour to send you a confirmation to your email. An email will be sent to the email you provided the ConveYour team when you signed up. Check your email (and perhaps it went to your spam folder, if you are accessing it for the first time) and click the link to confirm your email address. If you were invited via email to access this account, you may skip this step, because a checkmark appears on the confirm email address step, AND, if you click on it, ConveYour will show that your email has already been confirmed:

already confirmed

Next, you have an opportunity to setup your texting number! This is a mobile phone number, that is associated only with your ConveYour account - and not assigned to your mobile device, actually.

Under Getting Started, click on Setup Text Messaging >

Enter your phone number when prompted. ConveYour searches for, and offers you a list of available numbers similar to your area code. If you would like to select a different area code, you can do so at this time. Click on Select Number once you have picked a number that looks reasonable to you.

Account Preferences

Account Preferences can be accessed by clicking on your avatar in the top left of you screen. When you hover over the left side of the screen - you will be viewing the Main Menu once again. Click on the black and white "avatar" of the person, and you will be taken to your Account Preferences.

click avatar

ConveYour shows that you are within the Users portion of your Account Preferences.


From here you can Edit Your Profile, Change Your Password, or Change Your Email address associated with the account. (use with caution!)

Selecting Edit Profile will open a new screen at right. While you can not edit your email here (because the email you provided is associated with your account), you will be able to view your texting number you just setup, add some personal details, like your actual contact mobile number, initials, timezone and role. You can even set permissions for this particular user. For yourself, as the owner of this account - keep permissions set to yes:


You can also set your notifications preferences at the bottom. For now, keep all notifications checked - so that when you start using your campaigns, you will be receiving all notifications related to your audience communications.


Later, if you decide to add administrators to the account, you can increase their notifications preferences, while decreasing yours if you so desire. Just knowing where these settings are for now - is the key to getting started. Hit Save at the bottom of the screen after you have added some of your details and preferences.

Return to the Welcome screen, and watch the introductory video "Getting Started" if you have not done so already.

What's Next? Add a friend to your contact list, and send them a message!

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