Microlearning for Corporate Training

The giant corporate LMS is NOT in alignment with existing human behavior. Corporate LMS products are designed with the assumption that compliance and authority is enough to create engagement! We all know that's not the case! These LMS platforms were born out of the "Professor/Student" paradigm.

Microlearning in ConveYour is about learning from how great marketers operate. Start with the assumption that you have NO engagement or momentum with your audience, that compliance is no basis for getting course completion to happen. Then build truly inspiring, personalized, fun, content to engage learners.

Show Your Value as a Trainer

Companies pay big money to have you come in and run training for them. They expect an ROI from their investment. A single week of training without the proper reinforcement / behavioral change plan is not going to have a huge ROI for a trainer's client.

Corporate trainers can build out ConveYour campaigns to...

  • Help trainees recall the facts that they learned in training

  • Test trainees on their ability to apply a taught concept

  • Trainees watch a scenario video and then answer a challenge question testing them on their ability to understand what's going on in the scenario as it relates to the training material. Or, send the challenge question first, then follow-up with a video reinforcing the desired behavior.

  • Supervised journaling where the trainees answers open-ended questions. The trainer's team reviews these answers periodically within the backend of ConveYour.

  • Retest trainees for compliance purposes. Those that don't pass could be candidates for more training which is good for business right!?

  • Help trainees measure a behavior to keep it top of mind. What companies want, is to see new teaching turn into new habits, and then have those good habits turn into company culture. Direct return on investment in training can be hard to justify if the justification is based off of something like monthly/quarterly sales performance. Trainers need to justify their ROI at a lower level through an increase in “effort” stats. Trainers need to show their clients a positive gain in the new habits your training proposes.

  • Text message & email reminders

  • Stats trackers such as “How many times did you use the new approach today?” or “On a scale from 1-10, how well did you do X this week?”

  • Give managers and HR purview into the progress trainees are making.

Corporate trainers can build “core” ConveYour challenges and courses to match their “core” curriculum that is not specific to any one client. You can then turn your ConveYour challenges into a template that can be copied and “fired up” very quickly, then tweak it a bit to customize for each client.

Microlearning for Employee Onboarding

Companies can create a ConveYour campaign for each cohort of employees (all new monthly hires) OR setup the campaign to continually run and each new employee is added to the drip campaign where they aren't part of a “class” per se.

Playing nice with the outside world

Where ConveYour can really shine when it comes to talent development is through ConveYour's automation features. Employee results and performance can be tracked within ConveYour. This information can then be used to segment the employee population, and send the right ConveYour content to the right employee depending on their work performance and milestones.


  • Automatically add them to an “advanced selling 1” course when they hit 100k in career sales.

  • Automatically send them a SMS message congratulating them when they go three weeks with perfect attendance.

  • Send product updates, and technology releases directly to their mobile device. This is content they can share when they meet with customers!

  • Send follow-up challenges to reinforce knowledge they acquired in training. Make training topics "stick" through engaging recall games.

  • Track completion rates and performance metrics. Share performance results using the campaign dashboard tools.