Microlearning Automation

Use ConveYour to automate some of the tasks you do everyday to manage your contacts.

ConveYour can be used to “sort” new contacts coming in by adding tags that automatically places them into groups. This feature can be particularly helpful for public speaking events who wish to sort new contacts by event and send targeted messages to those specific groups.

Grow and Expand Membership

Grow membership sites based on criteria you set for new members. Sync your membership data with ConveYour in real-time. Segment your members by virtually any criteria you determine, and send automated messages to drive performance. Use ConveYour analytics to help understand page views, and send direct messaging to convert frequent visitors to full-fledged membership.

Want to encourage an upgrade to the “pro” version or paid version of your product? Here's an example:

  • John signed up for your rookie membership level a month ago.

  • He's logged in over 10 times since then!

  • John receives an automated email that anchors the value he has received from the site and encourages him to upgrade to platinum.

Automate Learner Success

ConveYour can be used to automate messages to learners that aid in retention, announcements, and scaling support. Creating groups of learners in ConveYour allows you to send personalized messages to individuals or announcements to the group at large. Personalized messages from the instructor help promote a sense of community and higher instructor involvement in online courses, which can result in better retention of students.

If you notice learners seem to be getting “stuck” and not moving forward at a certain section of the course, use ConveYour to troubleshoot by perusing analytics to pinpoint where the trouble begins. Then create automated message that can help move students through a sticking point.

Here's an example:

  • A corporate client adds 100 of her employees to your course.

  • A text message is sent to each employee automatically, welcoming them to the course.

  • Everyone is jazzed! Super happy HR manager here we come!

  • Activity from your course is being pushed into ConveYour in real-time.

  • Uh-oh! You can see that employees are having trouble with Section 1. Luckily, you catch it before your client does.

  • You setup an automated email that is sent the instant an employee reaches Section 1. The email helps them get around the problem.

  • You tweak your course to fix the problem.

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