Microlearning for Coaches

Similar to Corporate trainers, coaches can use ConveYour to help their clients stay on track with their goals.

Coaches can setup customized stats trackers and courses for a handful of customers if they like. With the Stats Tracker, you can help your clients, employees, and prospects track their desired behaviors! Here are some examples:

  • Ask someone you are coaching "How many glasses of water did you drink today?"

  • Ask a sales rep, "1-10, How present of mind were you while on your calls with clients?"

  • Ask a weight-loss participant "How many steps did you take today?" every day at 8pm.

  • Ask your patient what their pain level is each morning and how many hours of sleep they got.

  • Ask a Physical Therapy patient if they remembered to complete their activities today. Schedule the message for everyday at 5pm. Follow-up with demo videos to reinforce correct form.

The stats tracker question format, combined with ConveYour's metrics system, let's you build productized consulting and coaching apps to leverage your wisdom, knowledge, and existing services.

Coaches will also love the text messaging and Customer Relationship features ConveYour provides.