Microlearning for Marketers

Trainers need to market too, right?

Lead Magnets can be trivia challenges, assessments, micro-courses etc. ConveYour is especially well-suited for these quizzes and challenges because of it's level of interactivity.

Run raffles or timed challenges ( e.g., top 5 on leaderboard by end of week) to create a sense of anticipation and recognition of your brand while building a great base of contacts in their system.

Jeremy & Audrey Roloff have added over 20k people in their two Lead Magnet courses!

Assessments and Polls are great for helping prospects measure themselves amongst their peers or industry standards. You can show the prospects anonymous results from others to help the gauge their need for your product or services. Create a ConveYour quiz along with an offer of valuable content to not only lead prospects into wanting to learn more about your product or service, but also allow you to capture contact information.

A sizzle course is a great way for the owner of a much larger course (or series of courses) to build awareness and interest for the larger, full-version of the course or series. It's a way to build demand in the minds of prospects.