Microlearning for Educators

Top Universities are using microlearning to engage students in a way that's congruent with how they consume content outside of higher learning.

Use ConveYour to create an interactive learning environment that keeps students engaged and participating. Whether you are an educator for an established School/University or simply have important experience you wish to share with the world, ConveYour courses offer simplicity and immediacy that other Learning Management Systems do not.

If your lessons include a step-by-step plan, and the order is important, why not send the students a sorting challenging in which they are tasked with sorting the steps in the correct order to reinforce the plan.

If your content asks students to take on some baby steps to accomplish a goal - send them a follow-up checklist of the steps they need to take, directly to their smartphone or mobile device. They will gain satisfaction by checking items off this list! Wouldn't you?

Online instructors with existing courses could also use ConveYour to send supplementary content to their students. At the pace technology changes, or updates occur, often it's not cost-effective to keep updating an entire course if only one section is affected. Use ConveYour to send a demonstration of the most-recent update to students.

Send engaging communication to your students in a media format they enjoy receiving. Educators use the technology to send personalized messages or video critiques of student work - very personalized, and specific to one student. OR message the entire class with an update using a ConveYour group.

While ConveYour is not a full-fledged membership system, it is a great platform for releasing frequent, engaging bits of learning content over time. You don't have to have a course completely built to release additional bits of content to the campaign/course registrants.

Create a free course, or as a revenue-producing product behind a pay-wall. You can sell your course or challenge through a one-time fee OR as a subscription model.