Microlearning for Speaking Events

Ideas for Using Microlearning Before, During, and After Your Speaking Event.

Invite the audience to participate by providing a text opt-in from their mobile device at the beginning of the event. Plan and schedule communications and challenges sent directly to attendee smart phones or other mobile device. Not only will the audience be more engaged, but also you collect valuable contact information to add to your growing list of contacts.
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Create a challenge question or quiz at the beginning of the event to gauge audience knowledge of the topic before the event. Send targeted messages segmented by their results, or send the quiz at the end of the event to measure retention or change.

Send challenge questions, sorting games that check for understanding, follow-up messages, checklists, and poll the audience to gather opinions/consensus and compare their response with other attendee responses.

Use assessments (pre or post event) to help set a “score” for each audience member. Use these scores as an anchor to use in your talk.

Change your strategy from just collecting speaking fees to adding each audience to the top of a much bigger marketing funnel.