Low Cost SMS pricing

SMS Pricing Breakdown

ConveYour offers affordable pay as you go SMS pricing with all of our plans.

Incoming and outgoing SMS text messages are priced per message segment. A message segment costs $0.01 and $0.04, depending on account level.

For all plans that include texting as part of the plan, You only pay for what you use ConveYour will keep track of your usage for you and add the usage to your monthly subscription payment.

Long Text messages

ConveYour allows you to send text messages much longer than the 160 character limit just like you do on an iOS or Android device. When sending a text message greater than 160 characters the cost is calculated by splitting the message into 160 character chunks then multiplying the chunks by .0075.

Example.. 300 character message would be split into 2 chunks then multiplied by .0075 to get .015 (or 1.5 cents).

However - we caution anyone against sending long text messages! Nobody wants to receive a long scrolling text message. Keep messages short and to-the-point.

International SMS Costs

The above pricing is based on US to US messaging. ConveYour does support international text messaging. Here is a breakdown of the per message cost for sending & receiving texts internationally.