Create and Share Coupons with Stripe

We often have clients who have started a campaign and want to offer certain people or limited-time-only deals, and ask us how to create a coupon. That's a great question. Here's a few quick steps to creating that coupon. If you have a Stripe Account, all you need to do is follow these steps, which are detailed in the video below:

  1. Go make the coupon in Stripe

  2. Be sure you have connected your Stripe account in ConveYour, and setup a price or a pricing plan in the campaign’s billing info section.

  3. Pass the coupon code through the URL, and provide this URL to your audience for these promotions

  4. The coupon is applied to the original price, when the user goes to the landing page URL to sign up.

% off coupons and one time amount off coupons are both allowed. Even on billing subscriptions.

Your Stripe Account

Be sure you have connected Stripe to your ConveYour account. You can find Integrations with Stripe in Settings>Integrations

To learn more about how to set up a Stripe account, and setting up a pricing plan for your ConveYour course or Campaign visit this page: Selling your Content

Create Your Coupon

Now that you have Stripe setup, follow along with the demo video above to set up a coupon code from within your stripe application.

Set Your Price

If you haven't done so already - set a normal price for your course/campaign in ConveYour. This can be found in Campaigns > Billing (for the corresponding course/campaign)

Set your price in the correct currency:

Stripe ID relates to specific programs you may have setup in Stripe already. Because you setup the connection from Stripe to ConveYour already - you can leave this blank.

Select Confirm. It should look something like this once it is setup:

Don't forget to save your Campaign Settings!

Landing Page and Append Coupon Code

Now let's go to the Landing Page tab - where you can access the URL for your landing page link by clicking 'copy' :

Remember the coupon code you created in Stripe? It's time you use it! Select and click on the landing page link, and then add the following to end of the URL in your browser:

?coupon=mycode (where mycode is the code you created in Stripe.)

It might look something like this:

And this is the same URL that you will share with those you want to offer your discount and coupon. Share on social media, via email, or at your next live event.

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