Support for More of the Top Video Hosting Platforms in ConveYour

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The logos of YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, and SproutVideo.

As an instructional designer and content creator, I have worked with multiple LMS or learning management systems. One frustration I have is that not all LMS platforms support all of the video formats I need. Our clients use numerous video hosting platforms, and we sometimes spend an inordinate amount of time shifting huge video files to a different platform - simply because the LMS only supports one or two hosting services. Ugh. It's such a time killer, downloading and uploading...

That's what I found refreshing about ConveYour. In the recently launched lessons, they have included options for numerous video hosting platforms including Wistia, Vimeo, YouTube, Sprout, and VidYard's GoVideo.

In most cases, all I need is the sharing link, and I can create a series of lessons that incorporate videos that live in various hosting platforms.

As an aside, VidYard's GoVideo screen and webcam recorder, is great tool for creating video lessons on the fly. It's a Chrome extension I added to make simple video presentations, without all the hullabaloo of setting up a camera and giving a formal presentation. This system works really well for my online students because I can create a quick, but personalized, how-to video using the screen recording of Google slides or a Power Point deck at the same time as my webcam recorder enabling me to quickly make lessons or demo videos. Then, to incorporate this demonstration video into a ConveYour lesson is quick - requiring I copy the URL immediately provided - (no uploading!) which cuts down on my prep and production time. I mean, who doesn't need to cut down on production time?

As a content creator - I find that pulling all of the video resources together and incorporating them seamlessly into a series of impactful lessons makes the content creation process more rewarding. I have more time to be creative about instructional design, and spending less time shuffling videos around!

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